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I love books! I also write them. FYI: I use this space for recs of books I wholeheartedly love only. My recs are honest, but I have social relationships with some of the romance authors whose books I rec. 

Byromania and the Birth of Celebrity Culture

Byromania and the Birth of Celebrity Culture - Ghislaine McDayter This one was absolutely fascinating in parts (the sections on how perceptions of Byron fandom and, by extension, modern media fandom were influenced by contemporary politics, science, and the myth of the French Revolutionary Terror as hordes of shrieking women; the section on the threat-to-high-culture of periodicals; and the first half of the chapter on fan responses to Byron were particulary awesome) and way more technical in parts than was useful for me. Freudian theory just isn't relevant to my research, unfortunately, and I would have liked less textual analysis and more historical information. But obviously that's to do with me, not the book!