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Rose Lerner

I love books! I also write them. FYI: I use this space for recs of books I wholeheartedly love only. My recs are honest, but I have social relationships with some of the romance authors whose books I rec. 

That Scandalous Summer - Meredith Duran

This book was a revelation. Meredith Duran is one of my romance role models. I can't think of another author who is quite so good at creating an urgent sense of longing between two people. Exhilarating reading that used a laundry list of my favorite tropes--social butterfly with secret spine of steel, mean person learning that it sucks when all your friends are mean, trying to help the object of your interest land somebody else (in this case AFTER you've slept with them!), etc. etc.--AND THEN topped it all off with a big declaration demonstrating beyond doubt the depth of their love to someone who'd previously doubted. OMG.