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Rose Lerner

I love books! I also write them. FYI: I use this space for recs of books I wholeheartedly love only. My recs are honest, but I have social relationships with some of the romance authors whose books I rec. 

The Dragon and the Pearl - Jeannie Lin This book is perfect. Every moment is mesmerizing. The tension and growing tenderness is palpable between these two very controlled, yet lonely and vulnerable people. Neither believes they have anything to look forward to, and it was wonderful watching them dragged towards happiness while they squeezed their eyes shut and dug in their heels. I just...I can't even talk rationally about this book, I loved it so much. There are so many perfect little moments, and Suyin and Li Tao are brilliant, compelling characters, and they are incredibly sexy together in an all-the-more-intense-for-being-slightly-understated way. [WARNING: MINOR SPOILER] And then he gave her a tattoo! Talk about a good surprise.