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Rose Lerner

I love books! I also write them. FYI: I use this space for recs of books I wholeheartedly love only. My recs are honest, but I have social relationships with some of the romance authors whose books I rec. 

Unraveled - Courtney Milan I've loved ALL of Courtney Milan's books, but this was easily my favorite. I am so madly in love with Smite, I can't even tell you. Seeing him learn to express his feelings was...I have no words. There was a scene with his older brother that had me in tears. I absolutely loved the stuff about his profession as a judge, too--I can't even remember the last time I read/watching a legal storyline this believable and compelling. And all the secondary characters were so charming! I continue to adore Richard Dalrymple particularly, but OMG EVERYONE.

I haven't stopped thinking about this book since I read it. I turned around and made my roommate read it the next day just so I could talk to her about it. (She loved it too.)